Bee Goes Bump

Samantha Bump.jpgWe interrupt our busy workday (two more posts to come after this one, get excited!!!) to post this impossibly cute picture of The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee modelling a selection from 826NYC ‘s “Superhero Fashion” lineup — and her brand-new bump, courtesy of hubby (and fellow Daily Show correspondent) Jason Jones.* Okay, how cute does she look? She really is glowing. 826NYC, you may recall, was also the recipient of the proceeds from the sale of the Daily Show’s old set. We knew it: the Daily Show totally has a heart. The Colbert Report does too, and we like its titular host best when he’s got it where we can see it (NB it should be noted that in Colbert Report parlance, “titular” is pronounced “iular”).

The event was hosted by our new best friend John Hodgman (remember: he who feeds Fishbowl has in her a friend for life) and also featured Sarah Vowell, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Amy Sedaris, and apparently Faith Popcorn. Many thanks to The Apiary for the info.

Update: Also in attendance/modeliciousness per John Hodgman were Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre, comedians Eugene Mirman and Leo Allen, and, “via the magic of video tape,” Patton Oswalt.

Update to the Update: Oh, my God, we can’t believe we didn’t think to make this reference based on our new favorite song: BABY GOT BUMP.

*We had to clarify that because, based on the headline, you may have been confused and thought Samantha’s baby was fathered by FishbowlNY on-again-off-again correspondent Philip Bump, whom Bee regarded with an appreciative eye during their interview this summer. Phil Bump is not the father of Samantha’s baby, though we bet she’d appreciate the serendipity of the pun.