Bedbugs Invade Food Network Magazine

Stay away from the Food Network magazine; you might get bit. That’s because its cooking-centric offices have bedbugs.

According to Keith Kelly at the New York Post, the critters have invaded the building where Food Network is written. However, it’s not affecting the pages that people see in their mailboxes, since the presses are located hundreds of miles away.
Hearst owns the magazine, but it’s not housed in the Hearst building, so the only people really affected by the outbreak are the poor editors and writers that populate the Food Network offices. Talk about an employee disincentive. But it could make everyone get their job done faster, unless they’re too busy scratching.

Hearst didn’t confirm or deny the report. “As any good business should do, we have stayed ahead of the game by proactively adding sweeps to our regular cleaning practices,” said a Hearst spokesman to Kelly.

If any Food Network employees have any information to add, drop it in the comments or our anonymous tip box. We would love to know if you all are stuck at home today because of the bedbug invasion.

Photo by JMazzolaa