Becomed Organizes Your Job Search

Becomed, created by an unemployed guy sick of not organizing his own job search, helps you stay on top of the many, many resumes you’re probably sending out if you’re looking for work.
The service has been around for a year but we’ve only recently been tipped off to it, and from what we’ve seen, we like it.

Freelance writers will find the system pretty familiar; it’s a lot like query tracking software in that you can enter in every action you’ve taken with an employer, make a note to yourself to follow up on certain applications, and so forth.

Others have compared Becomed to CRM software, which we don’t know a thing about. But maybe you do.

It’s in the cloud, so you can update Becomed from anywhere, and it’s free.

Here you can check out our dummy account and see how it works (click to enlarge): see, we’ve applied to work at the New York Times*. Hope they like us!


*Not really. Sorry Bill Keller, you’ll have to go without our brilliance for now.