How To Become A Celebrity On Facebook

While becoming famous can take a long time, one of the best ways to accelerate your way to stardom is to fake it and Facebook is the perfect platform for doing that. Here's a guide on how to become a celebrity in no time at all!

While becoming famous can take a long time, one of the best ways to accelerate your way to stardom is to fake it and Facebook is the perfect platform for doing that. Here’s a guide on how to become a celebrity in no time at all!

Post Sexy Profile Photo

The first key to success is having a profile photo that will make your soon-to-be friends instantly accept your friend requests. That requires a good looking photo of yourself. For this image, I highly suggest that you avoid using other celebrities as no celebrity would ever do that. Who needs a doppleganger when you already look like yourself! Figure out some creative pose that makes you look incredibly attractive. If you still can’t manage to do that, organize a lot of attractive people of the opposite sex all standing around you in a pose that will surely make you look like a celeb.

Add A Lot Of Friends

The ticket to stardom is having a lot of adoring fans. While people may not have friended you randomly before, you should try adding 100 friends a day. Make sure the majority of those friends are of the opposite sex but don’t overdo it as you don’t want your profile to look fake. A nice 80/20 split will be sufficient. The more friends you have, the better. You want to make it appear as though everybody is adding you because they are adoring fans! If you stay consistent, you will eventually hit the maximum number of Facebook friends: 5,000.

Post Photos With Other People

Celebrities are always out on the town, enjoying the good life. You need to take pictures of yourself everywhere you go. You should also have a different outfit in every photo. The cheapest way to accomplish this is by purchasing tons of cheap t-shirts. Take photos with different outfits and different people every day as you are always on the go! It’s hard work being a celebrity, but somebody has to do it … and of course document it. Take photos of yourself with random attractive people in which you look like you are casually enjoying your day but they are posing because they want a photo next to you. It’s a sure-fire way to look famous.
Seriously, you need to walk down the street and stop every attractive person you see and ask them to take a photo posing with you. Even more important: see if you can convince them to upload the photo to their own Facebook and tag you in it, because they were the one who was excited to be with you, not the other way around. If they’re hesitant, give them a few bucks!

Start Checking In Regularly

Like I mentioned before, you are always on the go. Check in at random places around the city and around the world. While it may be difficult to travel the world, there’s an easy way to make it look like you’re traveling the world: pay other people money to login to your account and checkin for you! In no time at all you’ll be checking in from paradise getaways around the globe.

Create A Facebook Page

Now that you have thousands of friends, photos, and have travelled the globe, it’s time that you set up your own Facebook Page. This is where you should post status updates like “Thanks to all my fans for supporting me!” Make sure you convince a few friends to post comments like, “OMG [insert name here], I love you so much, can I have your baby?!?!?!” At this point your photos should start getting pretty ridiculous. In addition to posing with beautiful people, you’ll need photos of you trying to escape mobs with body guards protecting you.
Faking this is extremely difficult but now you’re in the big leagues and you need to make sure you look every bit like a celebrity. By this point there’s a good chance the paparazzi will be chasing you down trying to get your photos because everybody knows who you are. You’ll need to post status updates to your page that say things like, “I’m so tired of the paparazzi interrupting me while I’m grocery shopping. Can I get a little bit of privacy?!? Jeez!”

You’re Done!

Congratulations! After months of faking it, people should definitely be banging down your doors with movie deals and record contracts. You are now officially in the big leagues. At this point, even if you weren’t gorgeous like all other celebrities, you can pay for people to Photoshop you into anything. In a world where everything is fake, you’ve mastered the art of faking it until you make it.