Become a mogul in Capital City: Escape from Supercorp on iOS

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Torn Screen Entertainment has released its latest mobile game with a personal finance twist, Capital City: Escape from Supercorp. The digital board game allows users to become a mogul in a virtual town, purchasing everything from beauty parlors and burger shops to the fancy house on the corner.

While purchasing everything in sight might seem like a sound plan, users will need to make the right deals to earn the most money. Making the wrong deals can result in virtual bankruptcy, and a loss at the game.

In each game of Capital City: Escape from Supercorp, gamers have the option of playing against real world friends, strangers or AI opponents. Users choose a vehicle and color to represent them in the world, and have three moves to make as much money as possible on each turn.

These moves are somewhat random, as users move up to six spaces around the map on each move, and are then presented with two buildings (one on either side of the road). If unowned, users can purchase these buildings for their portfolio. However, if a home is owned by another player (for instance), users need to pay rent.

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Each purchase adds to a user’s cash-flow and overall expenses, with the goal being to have a higher rate of cash coming into the account than going out. Loans and other business debts count as expenses, while rent from tenants or sales from businesses bring in the cash.

“Torn Screen believes that the more fun and accessible we can make learning about money, the more players we will engage and inspire to invest in the real world,” said Shane Caniglia, CEO of Torn Screen Entertainment. “Capital City does exactly that! We’ve integrated the power of the Rich Dad brand and content with a real gaming experience that features vehicle selection and the ability to invite your friends to compete in a fast paced game of deal making.”

Capital City: Escape from Supercorp is available to download for $4.99 on iOS.

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