“Because Mommy’s a Designer, and I Say So.”


If you’ve got kids, you’ll understand that the only thing you want to do this time of year is get rid of them. Why not send them somewhere to learn about the magic of design so they can follow in your footsteps, living in the shadow of your career, unable to make a name for themselves, driven deeper into depression every time they are reminded of your overbearing fame?

Sponsored by the University of Minnesota and Target, this summer’s Design Camp is one of the most well-known programs for teens 14-17. Tuition is only $350 (extra $400 for out-of-town students) for the five-day camp, which takes place July 24-28.

A few of the sections are full, but if your kids don’t see what they want, it’s the perfect excuse to start planning for next year. Many design schools also offer summer programs for kids, so check with an institution near you (RISD and Art Center come to mind), and start blending those margaritas.