Bebo Launches More Original Programming With "Meet the Freshers"

-Bebo Logo-Bebo will be launching yet another new original program tomorrow about first year university students in the United Kingdom. They are going all over the country to see what these students do with their lives. Based on the trailer below it sounds like they drink, party and have sex and not much else. It also doesn’t appear that this show has much of a production budget.

The show’s host is Tom Thurlow who according to Wikipedia is “a British Schoolboy Entrepreneur, best known for epi-culture, a children’s book company which specialises in signed first editions.” Apparently he’s a popular guy but I’m not so sure about his acting career. I’m guessing that Tom will find other individuals that are actually doing work but based on the trailer I’m not so sure about that.

Bebo has been focusing on original content creation and this is a continuation of that effort. While there has never been follow-up statistics on what sort of results the original programs have produced, we assume that Bebo wouldn’t continue to produce the original programs if they weren’t successful. Given that social networks are one of the primary sources for media distribution, I’m guessing we’ll see more original programming come out of social networks.

Check out the video below for a sample of the show. While it probably isn’t targeted for your demographic, it definitely gives you a good sense of what’s going to be discussed.