Bebo Gets a Make-Over, Launches Social Inbox Feature

AOL’s social networking site Bebo has a message to tell to the two top social networks MySpace and Facebook – they are ready also a top social networking site and they are ready to battle it out with the two top social networks. And with that, Bebo has launched their latest offering to the maddening social networking crowd – Social Inbox.

Bebo’s Social Inbox is offering a one-stop interface that combines e-mail, social networking and media recommendations. Designed to make its members online life simpler, Social Inbox will aggregate feeds and updates from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious, AOL’s IM – AIM and many more online social properties.

It’s a Friendfeed, Twitter and other lifestreaming service with AOL’s Bebo branding that provides one-click access to Gmail, AOL Mail, and Yahoo! Mail.

If you’re one of the 100 millions AOL users, Social Inbox will also allow you to login to using your AOL account.

Social Inbox was based on SocialThing, a feed aggregation service which AOL has acquired recently. This technology has allowed Bebo to gather social feeds and organize them in chronological order based on person grouping. It also features a localized news deliveries coming from around the globe.

    A notable feature of the new Bebo experience is a recommendations engine built on Bebo’s Open Media Platform. This allows the delivery of relevant online entertainment pulled from Bebo’s content partners and group subscriptions from MTV, ESPN, CBS and the BBC.

    And yes, Bebo has also done a full make-over of its site, so don’t be surprised to see a completely different look when you check out Bebo now.