Bebo Extends Platform to the Web

Yesterday Bebo announced that they have extended their API to the web in general as well as desktop applications. What does this mean for developers? Well it now means that a lot of the functionality you previously had within your Bebo applications can be extended to the web in general. How does this compare to the much discussed Facebook Connect and already launched MySpace Data Availability?

Ultimately it sounds extremely similar to these platforms. The authentication method for web applications is also similar. When a user logs into your external Bebo application they are simply redirected to Bebo to authorize your website to have access to their information and then they are redirected back to your site.

The trend toward opening up APIs to third-parts sites so that your profile information can be leveraged around the web continues with the launch of this new feature on the Bebo platform. Next week Facebook is expected to announce their much anticipated Facebook Connect service. It will be interesting to see how developers leverage these new services.