Beauty Brands Partner With Women’s Mags For Girl-Powered Videos

Sponsored series tap into female-empowerment ad trend

For more than a year, brands like Dove, Pantene and Always have flooded the airwaves with ads pushing pro-female messages. When it comes to cosmetics companies, however, taking the traditional approach–a model batting impossibly long lashes, a celebrity pouting perfectly lacquered lips–still seems to reign. But lately, some of these brands have been dipping their toes into the empowerment trend by partnering with women's magazines to create sponsored video content with a girl-power twist.

Glamour has been one major force in linking beauty brands with inspirational content. Earlier this year, after Clinique approached the magazine looking to promote a new product, the two brands came up with The Making of Me, a video series featuring interviews with successful women. (The series resulted in 4.5 million video views and 130 million press impressions.) In Revlon's Step Into My Office, Glamour EIC Cindi Leive visits powerful women at work.

Over at Hearst, the publisher's integrated media department signed a seven-figure ad deal with Revlon earlier this year that included the #GoBold video series, in which mentors like Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox help women get ahead in their careers.

On, you'll find native content like 10 Ways to Reach Your Definition of Success from Maybelline.

Partnerships like these allow beauty companies to take advantage of the female-empowerment trend with credibility, thanks to these magazines' authority on women's issues. "By joining together with Glamour," for instance, said vp, publisher Connie Anne Phillips, "brands can align themselves with optimism, confidence and courage."

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