Beautiful/Decay and Deitch Projects Make Beautiful Music Together


Party people and arty folk alike lined up outside I.D.E.A. in LA last night for the launch of Beautiful/Decay‘s current issue, dedicated to Jeffrey Deitch and his decade-old gallery (has it really been that long?). This issue’s original cover is by Barry McGee, whose offhand remark (also ten years ago) inspired the name Beautiful/Decay. And so a few hundred fans accompanied the mag as it came full circle. With damn good music.

Beautiful/Decay’s motto “If you can’t find it, make it” was brought to life out back with the folks from To Die For silkscreening shirts live. The clamor for finished products almost sent the party into a Black Friday spiral as two blondes in vintage frocks nearly duked it out for a olive tee printed in pink; the most popular color combinations inspired similar frenzy. Oh, should we also mention the shirts were free?


Elsewhere, B/D shirts–collaborations with the artists featured in their pages–were flying off the shelves, and we even found time to page though the new issue (we spotted Fischerspooner, aNYthing and Jeremy Scott). All this and free Sparks to boot–yes, that’s the alcoholic energy drink that’s as refreshing as an orange popsicle. Seriously.

As we left, one guy who had requested an XL from the silkscreeners demanded to know what size the clothing in the goodie bags was; outside he screamed at his friend for taking the better of the two shirts. See what a little live creativity can inspire?