Beautiful Me: Analyze your skin and receive product recommendations on iOS

beautiful me 650

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about your skin, new iOS app Beautiful Me might be a good place to look. The platform analyzes a user’s Facebook photos to measure changes in facial features, makeup and aging over time to help them understand their skin, while also recommending products for users to purchase to look their best.

The Beautiful Me platform auto-downloads up to 500 Facebook photos of each user, which are then evaluated using a “deep neural network and multi-level statistical analysis” for skin tones, undertones, visual age and more.

While it sounds complicated, the end result is a list of graphs and charts that show users how their skin has changed over time, and helps them understand the best options for their skin in terms of foundation color, hair color and makeup options.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Beautiful Me to users and bring a level of understanding to skin analysis that has never been easily accessible through an app,” said Miriam Pettinen, Director of Partnerships and Mobile Strategy, who led the app’s development. “While most apps only use basic analysis of a single photo, the combination of big data and machine learning algorithms used in Beautiful Me gives users a much more accurate description of their skin profile.”

Beautiful Me is available to download for free on iOS.

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