This Week’s 6 Most Covetable Products to Put a Dent in Your Wallet

Welcome to Swipe, Adweek's very first lifestyle section where we'll be spotlighting some of the most covetable products around, from high-tech gadgets to fashion accessories to stuff that's just plain cool. This week, we're kicking off with a pair of (very) high-end headphones, a notebook inspired by the best animated film of 2014 (sorry, Oscars, you got it wrong), an insomnia-curing lamp and more.


Beats by Dre $1,300

Want to stand out from the hordes of subway commuters in their nearly identical Beats by Dre headphones? Look no farther than the brand's latest collaboration with Italian fashion house Fendi. The over-the-ear model, wrapped in Fendi's signature Selleria leather and stamped with subtle "FF" logos, debuted at the designer's spring/summer 2015 menswear show in Milan and come in a rainbow of vibrant hues including emerald green and sunflower yellow. Still not luxe enough for you? The Fendi x Beats collection also includes an even more extravagant pair made from black crocodile.

Available this spring


Igoo Smartlamp $800

This WiFi-connected lamp with built-in speakers is made up of 64 LED bulbs that change color and brightness depending on the desired mood. Via the lamp's iPhone-esque controller, users can play preprogrammed "lightsongs" meant to complement any activity, from dining and partying to sleeping and "romance." Igoo even claims that its lamp can help alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, seasonal affective disorder and jet lag.

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Moleskine x Lego Notebook $24

This limited-edition notebook, part of Moleskine's latest collaboration with Lego, has a three-dimensional Lego plate embedded right on its cover­—perfect for those times when you find yourself inspired to create your own building-block masterpiece during a long meeting.

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Zolt Laptop Charger $79

Tired of lugging around a charger that's nearly as heavy as your laptop? Measuring just 3-inches long and weighing 3 ounces (or about half the weight of a MacBook charger), this handy little device has three USB slots that can power a laptop plus two mobile devices simultaneously.

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Nanotips $20

Instead of shelling out for new touchscreen-compatible gloves, why not just revamp an old pair? When painted on the fingertips of leather or fabric gloves (there are two different formulations), the Nanotips liquid creates a conductive film that lets you swipe away without fear of frostbite.

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Humanscale Ballo Stool $299

Inspired by exercise balls and designed by Don Chadwick (the man behind the ultra-popular Aeron chair), this lightweight stool encourages "active sitting" by forcing the user to engage their legs and core to stay upright.

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