Beating The Press…Sort Of

“Meet the Press” competitors are abuzz over last week’s victory by “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” over MTP in the 25-54 demographic.

True, MTP — as always — earned the most viewers, but last week was notable because it was the second consecutive week that “This Week” beat MTP in this demographic (that hasn’t happened in ten years) and the second consecutive week that “This Week” beat “Face the Nation” in total viewers (historically, “This Week” has taken 3rd).

Two weeks isn’t enough time to start the “Are We Noticing A Changing Of The Guard?” analysis, but there does seem to a bit of energy coming not only out of ABC’s camp, but the camps of CBS and Fox as well, all of whom are jazzed to see these small victories against the Meet the Press Giant.

Still, miles to go…Meet the Press still bested “This Week” last weekend by 24 percent.