Beating Milbank’s (Not Funny) Dead Horse

From the Ongoing Department of Taking Ourserves Too Seriously and Reading Too Much Into Certain Things:

In the latest issue of National Review (sub. req’d), Rob Long examines Dana Milbank’s decision to dress up in orange hunting gear for Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” show on MSNBC. But he doesn’t ask whether that was appropriate (Deborah Howell already took care of that one), but rather if it met crucial comedic criteria.

    Not funny, was the general reaction to the wardrobe gag, the guy’s still critical. But that, of course, misses the point. It wouldn’t have been funny no matter what. Forgive me for turning a professional’s eye to a silly appearance on an insignificant cable-news talk show, but, um, I don’t get it. He’s wearing orange to refer to recent events, right? And that’s funny because…?

    A joke, see, has two crucial parts: It has a set-up…and a punchline — and without those two items, it really isn’t a joke.

Got it? Good. We now officially end out coverage of this story and hope that others follow our lead.