Beastie Boys Headline Latest Issue of Flood Magazine

A tribute dedicated to the memory of Adam 'MCA' Yauch

The Beastie Boys album Check Your Head came out 25 years ago, on April 21, 1992. That’s the main hook for the gargantuan tribute to the band in the sixth and latest issue of L.A.’s Flood magazine. The back half of the issue, spanning 71 pages, is dedicated to articles about that album, the band’s benchmark L.A. spots and more.

Issue #6 is also something of a coming-out party for Flood staffer Marty Sartini-Garner. A senior editor with the publication since May 2015, he was promoted in February to editor in chief. Kudos to the new editor for greenlighting the feature “Wine Pairings for Check Your Head” by Helen Johannesen. We also really enjoyed the look-back at the band’s Grand Royal magazine:

”We didn’t sit down and think, ‘Hey, let’s make a magazine,’” Mike D stated in a 1997 article in Select magazine. “We had all these people writing to us (using the address listed within the Check Your Head liner notes) about the band and we weren’t getting back.” The group figured a newsletter would reach fans, but quickly realized they had the opportunity to do something on a larger scale.

Grand Royal spanned the years 1991-97 and six issues. Who remembers, from one of these, the piece about the best L.A. hotel pools to break into?

The latest issue of Flood retails online for $10 (it is not sold on newsstands). While the Beastie Boys content is also online, this is clearly a vinyl-like print must-buy for any hardcore fan of the seminal group. The cover above is printed on one outside-side of the magazine, while a second cover, featuring Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch, adorns the flipside exterior.

The original version of this item misspelled the last name of Adam Yauch in the sub-headline. Fishbowl apologizes for the error.