Bears Receiver Announces His New Contract on The View

We never thought an athlete would choose The View to make a major career announcement, especially in the middle of the off-season.

Today, however Bears receiver Brandon Marshall brought the news to Whoopi, Sherri and company before the rest of the world: he was going to re-sign with the team for another three seasons.

There’s more to the story than that, though–and it may explain his choice of venue.

Along with this new deal came a pledge from Marshall’s nonprofit organization, which advocates for those affected by mental illness.

Nearly three years ago, Marshall revealed that he had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and became a self-proclaimed spokesman for the cause; while announcing his new contract, he pledged to donate $1M to the advocacy foundation he created to address the condition.

We’re not sure whether this move “opens up an entire new realm of possibilities for offseason football announcements” as USA Today claims, but it makes strategic sense: while a majority of NFL fanatics skip The View, this appearance gave Marhsall the opportunity to focus on his own passion project; ESPN hosts almost certainly would have been less interested in that announcement.

On a side note, we wonder what it would be like to receive fan art like this:


[H/T Andrew Graham]