Be SMUG on Facebook Win 100 Dollars

Security on Facebook seems to be a constant concern for everyone. No where is this more important than in the business world. The idea is simple, if you create a private group for our employees you don’t want random people finding your network and joining it.

I ran across a business blog called SMUG that is putting some security aspects of Facebook to the test. SMUG has set up a private network and trying to see if anyone one can join it. You can visit the blog for all the details but the basic rundown is this pretty simple.

Basically SMUG will pay anyone 100 dollars if they can find information about its new network in the Facebook news feed. They are also providing 200 dollars for anyone that can join the network and upload an image. SMUG is giving you the name and location of the network and is actually hoping that you can break into their group.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook’s private security measures fail when money is on the line. I say give it a shot, read the SMUG blog and see if you can win a couple hundred dollars. Let me know how it works out. Happy hunting.

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