Be Prepared This Summer With The American Red Cross App

Obviously, a smartphone is an important tool for calling for help when encountering a medical emergency, but it also can be a source of information to help one during those minutes until help arrives. The American Red Cross in partnership with Dr. Oz and Sharecare, have released the S.O.S. Emergency Support app for Android smartphones.

When you first start the app, you see a big red button labeled Emergency, as shown in the screenshot. Tap the button to start the process of being guided towards the proper care to provide. In cases when you ought to immediately dial 911, the app provides a button for dialing, and the app is also configured to automatically start when it detects that you dial 911 with the standard phone dialer.

Care instructions for the identified medical situations are provided in videos narrated by Dr. Mehmet Oz. The S.O.S. app also has a resource guide that contains written answers to common medical and emergency questions, and you can search the guide by either using voice search or by typing in search terms. Finally, the app also has a section where you can enter your own emergency information such as your name, birth date, blood type, doctor’s number, medications, and allergies.