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trig_logo.gifWith words such as, originality, democracy and revolution in its campaign slogan, you would surely have a great time when you join the new social networking site, Trig is for everyone who ever had dreams and hopes and Trig is providing the web tools to make those dreams happen. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a fashion designer, musician or just looking for new friends, Trig is definitely the social networking site for you.Did that sound like a product sales pitch or a paid review? I assure this not any of the two. I was just carried away by Trig’s over screaming enthusiasm into proclaiming what it is and what it offer its members.

So what is the main essence of Trig? And makes it different from all the other social networking sites? The answer lies in Trig itself.

Think of Trig as the Digg for social network profiles. Like when you Digg for a web link or items because you deemed it important to the web community, giving Trig to a certain user means that you find something in their Trig profile interesting. It’s a way to show that user your appreciation for contributing something valuable to the Trig community. Whether it is through the member’s blog, image gallery or comments.

Now, once a user gets a Trig, it becomes connected to other users who also got a Trig from somebody else if their content are related to each other. Like Digg, the more Trigs a user gets, the more exposure that user will get in the Trig community.

I hope you get what I mean by now, if not just check out and explore the community. Trig is a pretty hyped social networking site that will definitely surely make some headway in due time.