Be In and Out of This BGC in Just Minutes!

Okay, enough with the essays. This writer’s eyes hurt and his brain is more tired than ever. Who came up with this brilliant idea of having to read a bunch of…words? Let’s move on to something more safe. Namely, telling you about an event we think sounds really interesting and would like to go to: The Bard Graduate Center’s “American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow.” It’s a huge collection of everything from furniture to posters, highlighting when America went sleek, sleek, sleek in the 30’s and 40’s. If you’re in New York, it sounds not to be missed. Here’s part of the description:

From March 16 through June 11, 2006, The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture is presenting American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow, a selection of 180 objects including furniture, ceramics, metalwork, plastic, and graphic design, as well as original drawings and book designs. It is the most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on the subject. Although it focuses on the 1930s and ‘40s, the period during which streamlined design developed in the United States, the exhibition also presents streamlining in design today. The curators of the exhibition are David A. Hanks, Curator, Stewart Program for Modern Design, and Dr. Martin Eidelberg, former Professor of Art History, Rutgers University.