Want Your Photos To Be Funky? There’s An App For That

There's a photo-sharing app that you'll want to check out - BeFunky.Why?As the image says "if unicorns edited photos, they'd use BeFunky."Isn't that enough for you?

There’s a photo-sharing app that you’ll want to check out – BeFunky.


As the image says “if unicorns edited photos, they’d use BeFunky.”

Isn’t that enough for you?

So what is this exactly? Another new photo app you just really don’t need? Well, for one – they’re not new. According to Venture Beat, BeFunky has been around since 2007.

The startup first appeared on the scene when it launched a flagship tool to give your photos a cartoon effect, which soared on the website. It achieved millions of downloads yet again with “Uvatar,” which lets you create a virtual avatar from any photo.

With its latest update, [and yesterday’s launch of a free photo-editing tool for Android and iOs] the founders hope the photo-editing tool will make headway in the U.S. market.

It currently has 5 million active monthly users creating 50 million photos each month.

And second: you do need this app if you’re fond of creating photos that look like oil paintings and or if you want to funk up your pics with a seemingly limitless menu of effects. All of the choices make it a little overwhelming, honestly – but it’s worth it. Check out their gallery and this user in particular to see why.

Here’s a ‘regular’ pic that I applied the oil-painting effects to. It came out pretty decent for my first try, I think. Imagine what one could do with a little practice?


BeFunky’s goal is to “let people become instant artists and express themselves creatively without the need for any technical knowledge.” And it certainly achieves that goal.

It’s free to sign up for a basic account and there are two tiers for premium versions – for folks who are really, really fond of creating oil painting style photos (we’d imagine) and for professional and wannabe professional photographers. You can learn more about that stuff here.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Unicorn text image from BeFunky.com)