BBM Music for BlackBerry Social Subscription Service: Good Idea That May Fail

I almost stopped reading RIM’s announcement of their BBM Music service after reading this line: Build a personal music profile with 50 of your favorite songs. Fifty songs? As in half of 100? Really? Well, actually, RIM has a social aspect to BBM Music that is quite clever. However, it may still not work out for them. Read on.

BBM Music has a $4.99 monthly fee and lets you create a collection of 50 songs. Up to half (25) of those songs can be swapped out each month. BBM Music’s social feature is what makes it interesting: You can share any or all of those 50 songs with friends who also use BBM Music. And, they can share up to 50 songs with you.

The problem with this scheme is that your friends have to use a BlackBerry phone (something that is becoming increasingly rarer) and they must be subscribing to the BBM Music service. Assuming a BBM Music user does not have a dozen or so friends who meet this condition, that person may have a very small music library on which to draw from.

So, while BBM Music is conceptually a good one, the shrinking BlackBerry user population may limit its actual value.

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