BBE Brings In DoubleVerify

Online video seller BBE has entered a new partnership with the startup DoubleVerify to employ the company’s ad verification tools for its ad serving platform Vindico.

Ad verification has been a hot topic of late in the online ad industry, particularly as inventory is sold through third and fourth parties via networks and exchanges. As more dollars pour into online video, advertisers have been faced with the same question regarding their display campaigns they have had to ask for years: Where are my ads running exactly?

Often the answer to that question can be murky, and that’s not good for the business as a whole, said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO of BBE, which runs Vindico. “We want to clean up the Web with video. We’ve known it’s been a huge issue, and the bottom line is, unless there was a system in place to monitor this, we were never going to get in a position to clean it up.”

That’s ideally where DoubleVerify comes in. The company’s technology promises to automatically audit online ad campaigns, providing assurance that they are running as planned. The company even offers a product that prevents ads from running in the wrong place, such as alongside objectionable content.

Now advertisers and agencies (such as Starcom MediaVest Group) that use Vindico to traffic and track their video ads on the Web can opt to use DoubleVerify’s technology for a small additional fee, said Wasserlauf. To make it easy, DoubleVerify’s tool suite will be integrated seamlessly into Vindico’s existing ad platform, he added.

“We are going to do some creative packaging,” he said. “Agencies are standardizing around the Vindico platform. Now they can just make it part of process.”

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