BBC Thwarts Third-Party Mobile Apps

The British Broadcasting Corp. continued efforts to make sure the only BBC mobile content was its own, saying it sealed off the loophole in its online services that allowed third-party application developers such as Camiloo to tap BBC content, paidContent:UK reported.

Camiloo had developed an app called that streamed the BBC’s iPlayer content via the iPhone, but the BBC issued a cease-and-desist order against the company last month.

According to paidContent:UK, the BBC already has an iPlayer app for select Nokia handsets, and an app to stream iPlayer to the iPhone and iPod Touch is being developed.

In a post on the BBC Internet Blog, BBC Online managing editor Ian Hunter wrote:

We know that a number of applications have been making unauthorized use of some media types, and we have tightened security accordingly — this was done for several of the formats and content delivery types, not just for Flash. The result was that some applications that “deep link” to our content may no longer work.