BBC Launches Companion App to the Antique Roadshow

The Antique Roadshow is imbibing in new technology for its old fares – its latest app uses interactive features to allow users to join in on some of the bidding with viewers all over the world. The app is similar to the BBC’s popular Red Button Quizzes, which had garnered at least 1.5 million viewers. The app is a great move forward for 2013, where the technological convergence of great television  and the second screen systems gives viewers more information and engagement than ever before:

Cutting edge technology uses inaudible signals which are embedded in the soundtrack of the programme and are picked up by the microphone of a smart phone or tablet. These are used to identify the episode and cue the sequence of questions and answers. This means the service can be used with the actual broadcast, BBC iPlayer catch-up service and even home recordings, without the need to enter any programme information.



Are you a novice, connoisseur or expert? According to Tom Williams, the developer for the app, you have to achieve at least a 75% accuracy rate to be an expert.

Via Engadget

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