BBC iPlayer Brings Streaming BBC Programs to 11 Western European Countries (but not the U.S.)

The BBC has provided streaming video of their programming for a while now. However, the streamed content has only been available within the UK itself. Those of us int he US will have to keep on waiting. However, people in 11 countries in Western Europe can get the video stream for what many will probably consider a reasonable price.

BBC iPlayer goes global with iPad app launch in 11 countries (Guardian UK)

A monthly subscription costs about $10 while the annual fee drops down to about $72 (at current conversion rates). The annual fee drops the monthly price to about $6 per month.

Video can be streamed over 3G or WiFi. And, programs can be stored locally on the iPad for offline viewing (a feature not available in the UK app version). Programs from the BBCs library will also be available.

The question is: Will BBC iPlayer content be available in North America anytime soon?

BBC iPlayer (UK iTunes App Store)