BBC Hopes To Put the ‘Me’ In Business News

BBC launched two new verticals today, BBC Capital and BBC Entrepreneurship, sites that will focus on personal finance, small business and the workplace.

BBC has tapped former WSJ editor Jennifer Merritt and former Reuters news editor Chelsea Emery to lead the new sites. “We’re approaching these topics—leadership, management, careers, personal finance, risk, workplace—from a global perspective. So we are providing a window on the world to the US audience—which represents about half of‘s audience,” Merritt told FishbowlDC.

For example, instead of writing a story about managing a remote workforce (think, outsourced call centers) from the perspective of the manager sitting somewhere in a global financial capital like New York or London, Capital instead would tell the tale from the perspective of the team in India, Merritt said.

But let’s be honest, this space is already crowded. There’s no shortage of single-focus pubs pumping out business news and interest in the world outside the U.S. isn’t necessarily what leaps to mind first when thinking of the average American news consumer. The last time Pew checked, American interest in foreign news was down from the year before.

So how do you stand out in such a crowded space, especially when your specialty is the global perspective? By taking what the BBC is already doing and giving it making it personally relevant, according to Merritt.

BBC has been doing business news gathering for ages. Capital taps into that content and brings it to a more relatable level—the what it means to me perspective,” Merritt told FishbowlDC.

Contributors to the new sites include former WSJ columnist Liz Garone, former host of ABC News,’ Money Matters Kelsey Hubbard and former WSJ editor Ron Alsop. BBC Business correspondent Peter Day will write a weekly column called Thinking Business for Entrepreneurship.