BBC Develops Reporting App

Broadcasting via 3G

Field reporting? There’s an app for that. The BBC is developing an app that will be able to cram a heavy backpack’s worth of reporting equipment into one sleek piece of technology, the iPhone or iPad. The tool will allow reporters on assignment to submit video, photographs, and audio directly from the field.

Reporters across the media spectrum have been using smartphone technology to bolster their coverage for some time now. The BBC said it is adapting what their journalists already do to make a more smooth, coherent, and reliable link between the newsroom and the field. The app will likely be ready for use in about a month.

The cutting edge is no longer broadcasting interviews with subjects via Skype. The BBC currently uses a service called Luci Live, which provides some of the online integration and instant broadcasting capabilities that the network app aims to improve upon. This will be accomplished in part by obtaining a site license to use Luci Live with 3G networks. The app will enable reporters to broadcast from wherever there is a 3G signal and will therefore cut costs associated with bulky satellite equipment, while also improving reporters’ mobility.

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