Baylor Hired a PR Firm for BCS Championship Awareness


(Photo Credit: Tim Sharp/AP via Bleacher Report)

The NCAA has given football fans and fantasy acolytes alike what they requested — a real college football playoff. Okay, maybe it’s more of playoff-ish, but it’s a start.

Last night, the latest rankings put a certain Fort Worth, Texas college at Number 3 (holler!) but left another North Texas institution out in the cold.

Baylor University has had a great season, and they even beat TCU in a glorious game earlier this year. But instead of working on a defense as porous as a block of Swiss Cheese, the team has decided to devote its money and energies to another cause: self-promotion.

Yes, the football team hired a public relations firm.

According to Bleacher Report:

…and they aren’t sparing the pennies either. Kevin Sullivan has repped both Bush 43 and the Dallas Mavericks. He’s no slouch, but the thought bubbles are everywhere…why did they do this? How will PR affect a statistic-laden event?

The media.

The article notes that Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw said this week, via George Schroeder of USA Today, that “politicking shouldn’t matter.” True — but it does. And so, here’s the key quote:

For the past several weeks, as TCU has consistently been ranked ahead of Baylor, [selection committee chairman Jeff] Long’s explanation has been that the teams’ resumes aren’t similar enough for head-to-head to be applied. At the same time, he’s characterized the differences among the contenders for the No. 4 slot as “very, very narrow” and “very close.”

And because it’s very narrow, let the media cavalcade applaud your greatness and influence the judges. Don’t hate the players, people. Hate the game.