Small Potatoes: Bay Buchanan Barred From Taking Questions At Fundraiser

As well-known as Bay Buchanan is in political circles, she’s not nearly famous enough to be prohibited from answering a few questions from media. She’s small potatoes, if you will.

Buchanan, sister of conservative commentator Pat Buchanan and a Mitt Romney campaign strategist, attended a fundraiser last night at the Hotel Monaco. It was hosted by and for the gay Republican group GOProud, which charged $50 per ticket to attend.

(One attendee was spotted wearing two buttons: one supporting Romney, the other Ron Paul. The attendee pointed to his Paul button. “It’s going to take his people,” he said, before pointing to the Romney button, “to get him elected.” The torn supporter may have missed the interview Paul did with Fox News last week. In it, Paul suggested he could vote for Gary Johnson.)

Because other news media — including Metro Weekly, Washington Blade and a random European publication — showed up to cover the small event (it was a cash bar, if that tells you anything), we were under the impression that the headliner would be taking questions. One other reporter in attendance said the same. And we were right. But Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud’s co-founder, wouldn’t let Buchanan talk to media.

“We’re not doing questions,” LaSalvia said as Buchanan walked in. But after meeting Buchanan, FishbowlDC asked if she’d do a quick interview anyway. “Well, we’ll have to clear it with [LaSalvia],” she said gracefully. LaSalvia chimed in: “I’ll take care of the questions later.”

It was a kind gesture but we just weren’t sure Jimmy could tell us how he felt about his brother being canned from MSNBC; largely because LaSalvia’s brother, as it turns out, isn’t Pat Buchanan. We passed on the offer but hope he removes the stick from his ass.

Notables: Think tank E21’s Lisa De Pasquale, GOProud Co-Founder Chris Barron, Metro Weekly‘s Justin Snow and Washington Blade‘s Chris Johnson.

Quotable: “I just dripped all over my hand.”– LaSalvia, as he frantically wiped food from his hands with a napkin.