Bay Bridge Park Plans Start Gaining Traction

Back in January, students and professors at UC Berkeley‘s College of Environmental Design were doing some blue sky dreaming of what to do with a decommissioned section of the Bay Bridge, turning it into something like San Francisco’s version of the High Line. While their plans of turning the bridge itself into a park might still be something of an overly optimistic dream, there’s been some surprising movement afoot to edge close to those ideas. “There’s no design and no budget – yet,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle, but a push is beginning to be made to develop a large, 50 acre space called Gateway Park, where the Bay Bridge lands in Oakland. The plan, which has attracted such heavies as Perkins + Will (one of nine firms hired to come up with possibilities), would be to have the park open by the time the bridge reconstruction finishes, just three years from now. Though now that the idea has been made public, there are proposals coming out of the woodwork, from “a ‘sail-in’ movie theater” to a transportation museum to “industrial art on the scale of some of the Burning Man installations.” It’s absurdly early to tell what will happen, but we’re happy to hear that something’s being done with the area.