Bay Area Citizen Tubers Could Be Featured On ABC

Over the last few months, YouTube has been putting more and more emphasis on the idea of citizen journalism via YouTube. They rolled out the CitizenTube News Feed earlier this summer and yesterday they announced that they have joined forces with the local Bay Area ABC station to launch a new project, the ABC7 uReport powered by YouTube. That’s right – if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you are invited to document the news and your video may be featured on Channel 7!

Earlier this summer there were rumors floating around that YouTube was working on some sort of secret citizen journalism project in the Bay Area. In mid-June, Peter Kafka of All Things Digital wrote that YouTube had been reaching out to bloggers and reporters in San Francisco to gauge interest in a new project in which citizen videographers and journalists would be able to help cover the local news. YouTube officially announced the uReport partnership with ABC7 yesterday on their blog.
You can check out all the San Francisco local uReport clips on the ABC7 News YouTube page, which also gives a good description of the project in the profile area:

“YouTube and ABC7 (KGO-TV) in the San Francisco Bay Area are joining forces to launch the ABC7 uReport powered by YouTube. ABC7 will use YouTube Direct to collect news footage from people in the San Francisco Bay Area.
“Residents of the Bay Area are invited to document the news and events happening where they live, work and play, and to submit those videos to the producers at ABC7. The team at ABC7 will feature newsworthy videos on television (Channel 7 in the Bay Area), on their website (, and here on this YouTube channel.”

If you live in the Bay Area, you can submit newsworthy reports on the YouTube channel as well as on the ABC Local website. Follow the project on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.
The new uReport partnership between YouTube and ABC7 in the Bay Area is opening up a new chapter for citizen journalism. Everyday people now have the opportunity to cover the news that they deem important and, if ABC likes it enough it could be features on the news! This could change the whole way we experience and interact with our news. Do you live in the Bay Area? Do you think you’ll be taking part in this project?