Bawte launches post-purchase product support app on iOS


After a change in business model and a revamp of the company, Iowa-based Bawte (pronounced “Bought”) has announced the relaunch of its “post-purchase” app on iOS devices. Bawte offers consumers a digital catalog of all of the items they own, and offers access to instruction manuals, and other materials that may be misplaced in the real world.

screen1136x1136Using Bawte, consumers can store information about their items, including pictures of receipts, purchase dates, serial numbers and more. Users can either take a picture of the UPC on their product, or enter information by hand. From there, they can “tag” the item as one they own, or add it to a wish list for future browsing.

When looking at specific products, Bawte displays as much information as the system currently has, and allows users to fill in the rest, including taking pictures of items for easier browsing. When a product has warranty information or user manuals, that information is available without leaving the app. For instance, iPhone users can search for their phones, and then find the iPhone user manual within the app, rather than searching for it elsewhere online or in their home.

Bawte supports push notifications to alert users when items have been recalled, or when warranties are about to expire. When something goes wrong with an item, or users have a question the app itself can’t answer, they can send their request or problem to the Bawte Service Team from within the app. Bawte will then do its part, contacting the manufacturer on behalf of the consumer to find the right answers.

“Owning things should be simple. Imagine always knowing where to go when things go wrong,” said John Jackovin, founder and CEO of Bawte. “We elevate the post-purchase customer service experience by offering human support and most importantly, peace of mind, for any product that you own. We will do the leg work, contact the manufacturer and find a solution.”

Bawte is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.