Bawte integrates with Amazon for post-purchase product support


Iowa-based Bawte (pronounced “Bawte”), the shopping platform for post-purchase product support, has announced integration with online retailer Amazon. This integration will see all Amazon purchases tagged and filed into a user’s collection in the Bawte app, offering easy future access to model numbers, purchase dates and more.

Users can send their new purchase data to Bawte by forwarding any Amazon email receipt to a special Bawte email address. From there, the Bawte platform stores the Amazon receipt for future reference, and tags the item within the collection. Where applicable, the app automatically gathers any necessary user manuals and instructions, videos and warranty information, eliminating the need to keep most real-world paper documents.

“We’re proud to provide seamless support for every single purchase made through the nation’s largest online retailer,” said John Jackovin, founder and CEO of Bawte. “Our mission is to see people purchase an item, recycle all the paper, and never worry about the product ever again. This integration represents the next level of worry-free product support—we are offering a layer of support to an already efficient Amazon shopping process, and there is no other company out there that provides as much consumer value as Bawte.”

The overall Bawte platform allows consumers to store information about all of their purchases, including pictures of receipts, serial numbers, UPC codes and more. The system pulls in as much information as it currently offers, and users can enter in additional information by hand.

The app offers push notifications to alert users of recalled products, or to remind them of nearly expired warranties. When users need support, they are encouraged to use the in-app “Help” button to use Bawte’s free support service. This sees Bawte working with the item’s manufacturer on behalf of the user, discovering a plan of action to fix or replace the product.

Bawte is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.