Bauer’s Simple Grace Breaks a Few Cover Rules

Neither Amy Grant or a wrongly imprisoned California woman are teased.

SimpleGraceMay2015Arriving on newsstands Friday, the debut issue of Bauer’s Simple Grace is priced at $3.99 and aimed squarely at a faith-based female audience. Per Folio s Michael Rondon, the initial run is 200,000 and the first-issue page count 144.

According to MediaPost, there’s a long feature inside the first issue in which singer Amy Grant talks about caring for her dementia-addled parents and another about Susan Mellen, the California woman who was declared innocent last fall after serving 17 years in prison. (One of the things that allowed Mellen to get through this hellish ordeal was her faith in God.)

Notice there is no hint of either one of these stories on the May 2015 issue cover (at right). A curious choice. Then again, maybe EIC Carol Brooks, who also oversees the Bauer title First for Women, knows something about this type of reader that we don’t.

Another possibly missed coverline opportunity was something tied to the just passed Easter holiday. Bauer president Ian Scott told Keith J. Kelly that Bauer is looking to grow the new monthly title “organically” and that he deliberately limited ad sales for the May 2015 debut to just three pages.