Battleship comes to Google Glass in GlassBattle

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It was only a matter of time before game developers started creating gaming experiences for Google Glass, and Pennsylvania based mobile developer BrickSimple has done just that. The company’s newest project is GlassBattle, a multiplayer game inspired by the classic game Battleship, developed using Google Glass’s Mirror API.

GlassBattle offers two-player synchronous turn-based play. Players call out attack positions on the grid by simply speaking to Google Glass (“Three, Two” for instance), and the game updates over the internet after each turn.

The same strategy found in the board game is available in GlassBattle, as the display updates with red dots or blue squares to mark the hits and misses of both players as the game progresses.

While GlassBattle is already a fully functional game, it won’t be released for a general audience until BrickSimple’s Mirror API quota limitations have been increased. For now, you can check out a video demonstration of the game, showing one player walking around a scenic pond and another in the grocery store, below.

BrickSimple’s other applications include an iOS clipboard viewer, Xbox Live friend applications and more. The company also develops (or has developed) for Android, Blackberry, Xbox Live, Windows Phone and HTML 5.

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