The Battle of the Twitterati

New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog has a compelling series of charts out today on members of Congress and their preferred Twitter followers. Heavy hitters include The Hill, Politico, C-SPAN and Roll Call, which make both Democratic and Republican lists.

But this has to burn a little over at Politico: The Hill beats Politico by nearly two percentage points in the “Most Followed Overall” category. But they come back strong in the “Most Followed Journalists/Pundits” category as Politico‘s Mike Allen sails in at number 1 with a clear lead over the second most followed journalist, NBC Political Director Chuck Todd.

Allen also mightily tops both Democratic and Republican lists. And then The Hill sneaks back in at number 1 for “Most Followed News Accounts” with Politico at number 2. Continuing on with “Most Followed Overall,” CNN’s Jake Tapper, who tweets his ass off, comes in at number 4; his colleague Dana Bash is number 10. Fox News is no slouch in this contest — Chad Pergram is number 3; Bret Baier, who replies on Twitter even if you insult him, is number 8. Who says NBC “Meet the Press” ratings are hurting? David Gregory is a respectable number 6.

See the full feature here.