Battle Tanks is an Addictive Turn-Based Game of Geometry

Battle Tanks is a turn-based Flash Facebook game that lets you control a small artillery task as it tries to blow up the enemy. It’s a PvP game that also supports 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 games. Battle Tanks is an old game, but many in the younger Facebook generation may never have played it or taken part in its addictive form of strategic geometry.

Each match starts the same: you’re on one side of the field of battle, and your opponent is on the other. Each turn you have the option of moving forward or backward and/or giving more power to your shot. The game is one of angles and distance, so be careful how you place your shot. An overpowered shot will harmlessly blow up the land behind your enemy. As the game progresses, you get access to upgraded shots that you can either use immediately or wait till your gun upgrades further.

The animation is crisp and the explosions are fun to watch. It’s extremely satisfying to create a crater so large that your opponent can’t maneuver and becomes an effective sitting duck. It’s plenty challenging and it will take you a few games to get the hang of the controls.

As you play, you earn money in the game’s econo

my and eventually can purchase better tanks with special abilities. The price tags are so high, however, that expect to invite every friend you have and then play the game for hundreds of hours. Of course, you could also always take part of old of the partner offers which will get you instant game money for only the cost of your soul (or credit card).

The developers seem to make frequent announcements and keep unveiling new features, making the game richer and deeper. If addictive, intelligent gunplay is your cup-of-tea, then Battle Tanks is definitely worth your time.

Development: 7

Game play: 8

How many times I lost before I won a match: 6

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