Battle Sudoku Against Friends review

The rather clunkily-titled Battle Sudoku Against Friends is a new iOS game from 6waves. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store.

Battle Sudoku Against Friends is an asynchronous round-based two-player game based loosely on the rules of the popular Sudoku logic puzzles. Players are presented with a completed Sudoku grid which is partially covered by opaque tiles. During a single (timed) round, players may reveal three tiles, and score points according to the total of the numbers they reveal. Sixes are “mines” and cause the player to lose six points. Using the logic of Sudoku, it is usually possible to make an educated guess as to where the high-scoring numbers are, though there is still a small element of chance involved. After five rounds, scores are totalled up and a winner declared.

To supplement the simple scoring, a number of poker-style “suites” also provide the potential for bonus scoring. Revealing three of a kind, a sequence of consecutive numbers or three prime numbers provides players with the ability to earn additional points. Revealing three mines provides players with an 80-point bonus, encouraging risk-taking and allowing players the opportunity to mitigate the score damage otherwise done by mines.


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