Battle Punks Fights to the Top of This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

It took a while for Battle Punks to get started, but now the Gravity Bear game is growing with a vengeance. Over the past week Punks added more new monthly active users than all its previous six weeks combined, placing it atop our list of emerging Facebook games still under a million MAU.

Punks is part of a new wave of games that brings better-than-average graphics to Facebook. In this case they’re actually 3D, something of a rarity on the social network. We covered the rest of Punks’ features in our release-time review.

Here’s the rest of our AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Battle Punks547,576+341,034+165.12
2. Write In Pictures561,648+180,869+47.50
3. My Tribe530,249+112,698+26.99
4. ( Fupa Games ) – Arcade Blitz216,178+105,655+95.60
5. ¡Teclas Machucadas!431,658+100,045+30.17
6. Funfari266,804+92,052+52.68
7. Dumbville180,362+86,331+91.81
8. NanoStar Siege178,808+84,857+90.32
9. Evony411,056+81,174+24.61
10. Lords Online265,298+76,965+40.87
11. TinierMe351,984+76,029+27.55
12. Football Mania192,763+74,544+63.06
13. TransForce – Robot strategy browser game of 2010222,243+66,281+42.50
14. American Flag111,871+64,836+137.85
15. Frosmo513,481+60,264+13.30
16. Warstorm879,957+59,855+7.30
17. Big City Life240,516+54,938+29.60
18. MonstrosCity155,679+53,959+53.05
19. Car Madness774,239+52,662+7.30
20. Street Racer110,557+51,925+88.56

Write In Pictures has followed the annoying but understandable trend of miscategorizing itself as a game; we’ll talk about it over at Inside Facebook. Below it is My Tribe, which like Battle Punks took some time to get started. Now that it has, the island management game is developing a sizable base of devoted fans.

( Fupa Games ) comes in at number four. Like MindJolt and 6 Waves, this app fits into the growing group of apps that present users with a catalog of simple games to play. At the beginning of the month, EA released its own version of this — its Pogo catalogue.

Skipping down a bit, NanoStar Siege is the second Nanoverse game from Digital Chocolate. Neither title has exactly burst out of the gates, but the company  has a longer-term plan that revolves around the NanoStar brand — and it is seeing some consistent overall growth.

We can’t cover them all right now, but this week’s list is actually littered with interesting new games. Take a look into the lower reaches of the list for some up-and-coming genres in Facebook gaming — Football Mania, for instance, is following in the footsteps of Bola, a larger soccer game, while Car Madness and Street Racer, paired at the bottom, obviously share a common theme.