Battle Over Which Real Housewife is Best with Bravo’s Real-Time Twitter Initiative

Bravo has just announced a new, Twitter-centric initiative to get TV fans interacting with one another and with the many well-loved Bravo brands. @BravoTV, a real-time social media interactive site, leverages Twitter to give fans three distinct ways to connect to each other, and discuss their favorite Bravo shows and “Bravolebrities”.

There are three different tools that encourage Bravo fans to engage on @BravoTV:

  1. Twitter Tracker – this visual, real-time display of the Twitter buzz around Bravo shows and celebrities shows who’s talking about what in the Bravo universe.
  2. Just Saying – this is a conversation starter tool designed to get fans talking about their favorite shows, sharing opinions and giving feedback.
  3. Tweet Battles – this encourages fans to engage in a debate with one another about a defined Bravo-related topic, and allows other Twitter users to comment on the action from the sidelines.

Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President of Bravo Digital Media has this to say about Bravo’s new digital products:

“Bravo’s audience is highly engaged, so being at the forefront of the digital universe is important for us, as that’s where our audience consumes their media. We wanted to create a place where fans can engage 24/7 about our brand – anywhere, everywhere, and always. By creating tools that instigate them into action on certain topics, we’ll learn even more about what our audience likes and dislikes, which will in turn help us expand our digital offerings.”

With reality shows like Top Chef and Real Housewives in its roster, the @BravoTV tools will likely get lots of heated discussions between fans who connect with their favorite Bravolebrities. Using Twitter to engage an audience who is emotionally invested in the outcome of the shows (a feeling that reality TV aspires to elicit) is a great way to tap into intense emotions and keep the audience invested even after the show has ended.