Battle Bears Gold review

bearsBattle Bears Gold is an Android and iOS release from SkyVu Entertainment. It is available now as a free download on Google Play and the App Store and contains numerous in-app purchases.

Battle Bears Gold is a third person shooter with its main focus on online multiplayer games. Players who have played shooters on their mobile devices before can skip the game’s useful tutorial. Others will find that the tutorial is a great way to get used to the control scheme, which can take some adjustment time for fans of shooters on consoles or PC. Even with a tutorial that teaches players how to move, look, shoot, and use abilities, one of the biggest issues out of the gate is helping players learn to adapt. With the game’s focus on online, players will be forced to adapt quickly, or be prepared to lose a lot in the process.

When players are ready to play, they’re given a choice between two game modes: Team Battle and Plant The Bomb. Team Battle is the traditional team-based deathmatch. Two teams of up to four players each will square off with a time limit to see who can land the most kills. Players who need extra motivation to learn the ropes of the game will likely enjoy Team Battle because dying directly benefits the opposing team, so players will be forced to learn to survive. Plant the Bomb is a more strategical game mode where each team attempts to take a bomb and arm it in the enemy base. The large maps and few players lead to numerous one-sided battles, so most players will stick to Team Battle.

The issue with both game modes is the gameplay itself. While controls take time to get used to, they still have precision issues. To make matters worse, the characters never feel quite right when they’re moving around the maps. Some of the character classes have distracting or misleading move animations, while others feel unresponsive. The layouts of most of the maps are unforgiving as well. Most maps are filled with gaps and holes that players need to navigate around, but a lot of these gaps blend in so well that they’re easy to miss and fall into.

Players who are able to put up with the numerous issues will find that Battle Bears Gold features a ton of unlockable content. There are two forms of in-game currency: Joules and Gas Cans. Both can be earned over time by playing the game, but can also be purchased separately. Bundles of Joules range in price from 99 cents to $9.99, while Gas Cans go from $2.99 to $99.99. Gas Cans work as both currency and energy, allowing players to buy top-notch items as well as controlling how frequently they can play. Joules can also buy items, characters, and abilities. Players are likely to be turned off by the requirement to purchase the ability to jump, a staple move in shooting games.

Battle Bears Gold is an adorable game with a good idea, but it completely breaks down in execution. There’s a lot that feels smart, but none of it ever comes together. In fact, it’s all kept apart by poor controls and bad online play. Few players will enjoy Battle Bears Gold enough to play more than a couple games, and the rest likely won’t stick around much longer.

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Poor controls and bad online play make Battle Bears Gold an easy game to pass.