‘Bath Salts’ Drug Creating Problems For the Bath Salts Industry

Recent stories about people committing vicious crimes while hopped up on a drug called “bath salts” are causing trouble for the industry that sells the completely innocent bath salts that you scoop into the tub for a little relaxation.

Two companies, the San Francisco Bath Salt Company and SaltWorks, say they’ve received calls from people seeking the drug. It’s forced the San Francisco company to change the name of one of its products because it shares a name with the drug.

“Even our customers see stories saying ‘they’re outlawing bath salts’ and people are calling and asking ‘can they really do that??’ And I have to say, ‘No, of course not,'” Naomi Novotny, president of SaltWorks told HLN.

“This story happens to have hit a nerve that has caused a ton of confusion in the marketplace,” she added.

The “bath salts” associated with the brutal Florida “Causeway Cannibal” attack are actually a strong hallucinogen that is described as “very much like cocaine” and can cause paranoia and hostility. There are reports of increased interest in the drug and copycat crimes in cities nationwide, which has police and consumers on high alert.

As a result, the bath salts industry, which was already a weak one, is further weakened. Lee Williamson, president of the San Francisco Bath Salts Company, has positioned himself as an expert available to the media for interviews to clear up any confusion.

We only need to look at the “pink slime” case to see how a product whose name has negative associations can wreak havoc on all the businesses that make that product. Williamson told HLN that this bath salts drug has “been on our minds for a couple of years,” indicating that the industry should’ve tackled the issue a while back rather than waiting for something ghastly to happen. Now that these high-profile crimes have been widely reported, it’s going to be hard for the industry to shake the gruesome tales associated with their otherwise lovely product.

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