Batch Upload Photos And Video To Facebook From Android Phones

I recently uploaded a batch of photos of my birthday to my Facebook account using Windows Live Photo Gallery on my PC. If I had taken those photos on my Android smartphone the process of uploading them directly from my phone would be very cumbersome with the Facebook app because it only allows uploading one picture at a time. Speedy Uploader is an Android app that provides the ability to upload a batch of photos and videos to Facebook.

When you first start Speedy Uploader you need to configure it to work with your Facebook account. To upload a batch of photos, tap Upload Photos, tap the plus sign, then tap to select the pictures to upload, which products the list that you see in the screenshot. You’ll notice in the screenshot that the default folder, Speedy Uploader, is where the photos will go. If you want to create a new Facebook Photo Album, tap Manage Photos on the home screen, tap the new folder button, and enter a name for the new photo album.

To select all of the photos to upload, tap the checkbox at the top right of the screen, and tap the folder button to change the location to upload the photos. If you want to enter any captions for the photos, you can do so by tapping on the caption area for each photo. Tap the upload button in the upper left-hand of the screen to start the upload.

Bear in mind that if you are uploading a lot of pictures you may want to do so via a WiFi connection because the transfer will occur much faster and won’t consume your available data transfer if your service is capped by your mobile provider. Speedy Uploader is available as a free ad-supported app or costs $.99 without ads.