Basement Guy Returns

Our favorite glue sniffing basement dweller is back.

You’ll remember our post from just before Christmas in which we brought you the YouTube greaseball more obsessed with The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields than Michelle Fields. He goes by “TrapierMichael” and he doesn’t like FishbowlDC for criticizing Fields’ “smart brains.” He said so in a ransom-like video he uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 22. The following day he uploaded another video in which he poses the question: “Why might the Fishbowl people be so sour?”

Michael has three options to answer his own question. I’d tell you what they are but he wrote them on a white sheet of paper and I couldn’t make out his serial killer scrawl. Adjust the white balance next time as you’re inhaling paint thinner, Michael.

After he ponders the possibility of each of his own answers, he discusses the importance of the 10th Amendment, the Supreme Court and “wealth differentials” (which he doesn’t really like to talk about because he’s “not a class warfare Obama Zombie”). Michael covers this bounty of ideas and more in just over nine minutes.

Watch here if you must, but make sure all the lights in the house are on.