Baseball Teams Experience A Surge In Facebook Fans With Start Of The Season

Last weekend marked the beginning of the baseball season and with it came a surge in popularity of baseball teams’ public profiles on Facebook. In under a week the Boston Red Sox have grown from 1,173 fans to over 46,000 as of the last time I checked. The New York Yankees grew an enormous amount as well, making them the fastest growing. The largest baseball team I could find on Facebook was the Minnesota Twins with just under 72,000 fans.

As Facebook public profiles become a more integral part of the Facebook experience, they will become a better indicator of popular culture in general. One of the largest problems with the public profiles currently is the number of duplicate pages for popular topics. For example the book Twilight is currently a bestseller and is popular among young adults.
According to our stats it is the 13th most popular public profile but there are also over 13 other public profiles for the exact same topic. All of the sports teams have numerous duplicates as well. Many of those public profiles are unofficial as well but as of this weekend it appears that Facebook is cracking down on unofficial pages by adding an electronic signature requirement.
Many users have been claiming that the electronic signatures don’t work but it appears Facebook is aware of the issue and has said that they are working to resolve any bugs in the system. Regardless of the bugs, Facebook is investing heavily in public profiles as it plays a central role in the ongoing battle against Twitter, who has recently been the subject of billion dollar acquisition rumors.
Facebook public profiles continue to be one of the better channels for mass communication on Facebook and will continue to evolve over the coming months as Facebook opens up additional API features. What types of public profiles are showing up as recommendations for you? Have you seen a lot of baseball pages?