Bartz: We Want to Become Easier for Advertisers to Work With

When Yahoo joined forces with Microsoft last summer, the Sunnyvale company signaled its intent to put technology aside and become a leading media company. Since then, CEO Carol Bartz has repeatedly said Yahoo wants to become the leader in online display advertising. Today, she stood up in front of the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media/Leadership Conference in San Francisco and restated that goal. “We want to be the partner that you come to,” she said.

But there’s one tiny problem with that vision, she acknowledged: Yahoo’s not the easiest company to do business with.

“There’s a lot of people who are saying, ‘You know, Carol, I’d love to do business with Yahoo, but you guys are a pain in the…,'” she said. “‘Hard to do business with, takes too long to make decisions. It takes too long to get information, and frankly, sometimes it’s just not worth it.’

“We know we need to be more responsive. We know we need to be easier to do business with. We have to get the friction out of our own system.”

Bartz pointed to the appointment last year of Jeff Russakow as senior vice president of customer advocacy as demonstrating Yahoo’s commitment to improve in that area. “He is working on customer support functions, simplifying the entire experience, speeding the business processes, streamline billing,” she said.

And for those who still run into problems, Bartz spelled out her email address and said they could contact her directly.

Photo: / CC BY 2.0