Bartiromo Thanks Everyone

We couldn’t make it to the Success mag party last night celebrating their cover for Maria Bartiromo (wouldn’t it be fun if every magazine threw a party for every cover subject — National Geo, especially?). But we do have our ways of finding out which media lights were there, besides the business babe, or whatever she’s being called these days:

NBC’s Campbell Brown, Court TV’s Catherine Crier, NYSE president Catherine Kinney, ASME executive director Marlene Kahan, Success eitor-in chief Gay Bryant and publisher Joe Guerriero, Good Morning America producer Brandon Bodow, and Myrna Blyth of The New York Sun among others.

People who actually wanted to eat at Elaine’s(it’s still there!) had to wait until Bartiromo stopped rattling off thanks for everyone else in the room,including hubby Jonathan Steinberg, the Success team, Donna Banks from Reader’s Digest, Ciro Scotti of BusinessWeek and CNBC staffers LuLu Chang, Richard Carolan and Margie Martin. Those waiting to chow down included Gay Talese, photographer Harry Benson, Vanity Fair editor of creative development David Friend, and Ceslie Armstrong, editor-in-chief of Ceslie, a broadband video show.

Sheesh. And we thought it was a big deal that we got to see Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinam and a bunch of fashion would-be’s really-ares. Now, what if they’d called the magazine “Qapla!”?