Barstool Sports Is Making a Snapchat Show About Campus Life During College Football Season

It's the publisher’s first content for a third party

Barstool U isn’t going to be about who wins or loses games.
Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Source: Getty Images

Barstool Sports’ lewd content may not work for everyone, but for a core group of self-described “stoolies,” the site brings back droves of sports fans. Now it’s hoping its crass but funny videos can find an audience on Snapchat.

The 13-year-old site is launching a weekly Snapchat show on Sept. 8 called Barstool U in which Barstool staffers will travel to colleges around the country this fall and examine campus culture. It’s the third year Barstool is making the series—in the past, Barstool posted the show on its website—but this is the first time the publisher is making content for a third party. Wendy’s is sponsoring the show, with Snap Ads running between content segments.

Over the past year, CEO Erika Nardini has pushed Barstool to create content outside of its site, including a radio show with Sirius, partnerships with Comedy Central and getting its staffers as guests on TV shows.

“This is a brand that has always written for itself and created content for our crew first, and we set about to see about creating content for other platforms,” Nardini said. “A year ago, we had 15 people. Now we’re an 80-person company.”

Barstool U will appear within Snapchat Discover every Friday for 13 weeks and is hosted by Caleb Pressley and Adam “Rone” Ferrone. Each edition will be three to four minutes long with content collected from a trip to a college the previous week. The first episode will feature the University of Georgia.

The footage is in line with Barstool’s other content, and “it’s not going to be about who won the Ohio State game,” Nardini explained. “It’s more so going to be about what is a slice of life on the Ohio State campus?”

Pressley added, “We’ve been going to different colleges, showcasing the atmosphere along the lines of investigative journalism, getting to the bottom of college culture in American institutions.”

To keep the look and feel of the show akin to how people watch video on Snapchat, the crew will film in 4K but also with smartphones.

The Barstool Sports partnership is the latest example of how Snapchat is trying to become a hub for both entertainment and news content. Earlier this week, BuzzFeed added two new Discover editions for its food and home-improvement brands, Tasty and Nifty, and CNN rolled out a daily news program with content tailored specifically for the app. Publishers are also reportedly seeing big numbers in Discover. NBC News reports that 29 million unique visitors watched its “Stay Tuned” news program in one month, though Snap’s definition of a view is much different from how publishers measure TV audiences. Snap counts a view as someone tapping to open a video.

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